The company specializes in the production of alkyl glycoside APG, textile printing and dyeing chemical raw materials, dyes, textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries


Haining Yuanyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Haining Yuanyuan Textile Auxiliaries Co., Ltd.) was established as "Haining Agricultural Industrial and Commercial Company" in the middle of the 1990s. Now, we are a specialized manufacturer and trader of textile printing and dyeing chemical materials, dyes and textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries. With the development and growth of our company, we invested big money and developed successfully market-oriented scale-production device of environment-friendly surfactant alkyl polyglucoside APG; this device takes the natural glucose and fatty alcohol as raw materials, adopts one-step direct synthesis and continuous dealcoholization process, and can annually produce 15,000 tons of products. With such advantages as simple operation, low energy consumption, non-waste, high quality and good yield, this synthesis technology belongs to the technology of clean production; it can produce high-quality APG, and provide quality APG products to the market in good price; moreover, we can provide excellent after-sales service and technical guidance.

Abiding by the business philosophy of "quality first, reputation first, service first", all colleagues in our company sincerely hope to establish a good partnership with old and new customers all over the world, to expand the market and create a bright future together!

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